Packaging Type

GEORGIAN EXPRESS SPECIAL ‘s dedicated staff ensure different type of packaging, depending on kind of shipment, securing the temperature stability and its condition. We have ability to provide quality assured numerous choices of packaging solutions, variety of sizes suitable for all shipping needs and for different temperature requirements, manufactured by the world’s leading suppliers: packages for biological samples and vaccines and other high value drugs, temperature control package for temperature sensitive clinical trial shipments, to deliver securely, avoiding any impact or temperature failure. Your shipment is monitored by the Logistics consultants assuring the temperature stability and safety to avoid any damage or adverse impact. Shipment monitoring is carried out before, during and after transportation. For temperature control we use temperature control devices (loggers) monitoring the temperature stability systematically. All the right documentation is assured you need. Package provision is maintained for different temperature ranges, such as:

∙ Ambient (+15 +25°C)

∙ Refrigerated (+2° +8°C)

∙ Frozen (-20°C)

Our ability of packaging and delivering the shipment to the exact destination securely and without delay is trusted by the worldwide companies.